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Iran-Europe Business Digest

Iran-Europe Business Digest (IEBD) magazine has been launched to facilitate and promote business between Iran and Europe. It seeks to fill the gap for reliable and solid information about investment projects and business opportunities in Iran as well as data analysis in targeted industries.
Our primary goal is to address small and medium-sized enterprises and emerging businesses, rather than giant multinational firms, and enlighten them about what awaits them in Iran. We provide information on potential business opportunities that exist in Iran but are not sufficiently known or not adequately introduced to European investors.
IEBD seeks to provide advice and respond to many questions European firms and businessmen may pose about the Iranian market.
As the name suggests, we focus on Europe partly because Iran is determined to import advanced technology to achieve its goals under a 20-year plan and Europe is an important source for high technology. Under the plan, known as the 20-year Perspective Document, the Persian state aims to turn into a technological and economic powerhouse of western Asia by 2025.
However, we don’t define Europe as 28 European Union member states. IEBD looks bigger and keeps most former Soviet Republics and Russia under its radar. It also seeks to enlighten entrepreneurs, industrialists and manufacturers on potential business opportunities in other parts of the world such as Africa for joint Iranian-European cooperation. Iran is regarded as one of the richest countries in hydrocarbon reserves on earth. The Persian state now has a population of over 80 million people, equal to about one percent of the world’s population, but it’s ranked 7th in mineral wealth, possessing nearly 10 percent of proven global oil reserves (over 150 billion barrels of crude oil) and 16 percent of the world’s natural gas deposits (over 34 trillion cubic meters of gas). That means a wealth of over $3,000 billion, giving Iran a unique status in the global energy supply.
Iran is ranked among 15 major mineral-rich countries and is home to 7% of global mineral reserves. That means there is potential for a lot of business.
Enjoying a strategic location in the Middle East and surrounded by 15 land and sea neighbors, Iran enjoys a strong position to serve as a commercial and transit route for global access to the landlocked Afghanistan as well as central and western Asia.
With the lifting of sanctions after the implementation of the nuclear deal between Iran and world powers, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), in January 2016, the way was paved for the return of European investors to Iran. Many returned and a good number of new companies began business with Iran.
IEBD is an affiliate of Iran Europe Business Center (IEBC), which opened up in Berlin, Germany, in May 2016 with the purpose of facilitating
business interaction between Iranian and European corporates and institutions.
Full of novel ideas and determined to introduce potential projects available for investment in Iran, IEBD covers a wide variety of business topics and in-depth stories from mining and minerals to transport, from banking to tourism, from oil and gas to petrochemicals, from startups to renewable energy, from agriculture to market, from information technology to currency and many more.
IEBD shares the information every businessman can enjoy. Articles guide the reader on getting an educated and straightforward sense of what major investment and business opportunities are up for grab in Iran. It provides up-to-date information and helpful insight into Iran’s business environment and shares the newest updates on what’s trending in entrepreneurship in Iran.
IEBD is a newcomer as a magazine in business journalism but individually we bring with us over three decades of experience in business and quality journalism.
Although we are news-focused, we provide insight, strategy and advice from business professionals on what European businesses should look for in Iran. We offer valuable content that will help the European business community improve its work and keep it up-to-date with Iranian business news.
If you’re someone who is looking at Iran’s business map, articles in IEBD will definitely be of great help.
Published bi-monthly at the outset, IEBD plans to become a monthly magazine within a year.

Iran-Europe Business Digest (IEBD) magazine has been launched to facilitate and promote business between Iran and Europe.